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Welcome! This website exists to help potential Airedale Terrier owners:

  •   learn about Airedale Terriers,
  •   evaluate whether this breed is right for your lifestyle,
  •   consider whether a rescue or a puppy is the best fit,
  •   learn how to recognize the difference between a good breeder and a questionable breeder,
  •   and locate an Airedale Breeder or Rescue Group near you.

We also hope you’ll use our site as a resource to learn about breed specific behavior and specific training needs, and to locate a local groomer experienced in grooming Airedales.


Airedales are charming and handsome dogs but aren’t the right fit for every lifestyle. But if you have a sense of humor and appreciate a rough-and-tumble terrier attitude, an Airedale Terrier might be for you.

In most areas of the country, breeders are difficult to locate. Many breeders are responsible, knowledgeable enthusiasts who will help educate you about the breed and get your puppy off to a happy, healthy start. In recent years, however, the number of Airedale Breeders group of airedale terriers breeding for pet stores or breeding purely for profit has grown. Breeders who breed irresponsibly may try to sell you an Airedale puppy whose parents were not full-blooded Airedales or that will develop serious medical or behavioral issues, not covered by a health guarantee, after purchase. This type of Airedale Breeder should be avoided. Browse our articles on choosing a puppy and a puppy breeder to help ensure that the you will have the knowledge to choose an Airedale breeder with happy healthy puppies who will come with “technical support” through the puppy phase and beyond. We support both rescues and careful, ethical breeding that upholds this breed’s health and characteristic energy and spirit.

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Raain • July 20, 2016

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  1. Len Spiesman August 22, 2018 - 12:59 pm Reply

    I had an airedale a few years ago, she was killed by 2 pits. I would like to find another.
    Bloodlines are unimportant to me.
    Hope you can j help me.

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