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Our website is visited by thousands of potential Airedale puppy buyers each month. once required payment to add breeder listings but, evolving with the internet, in 2016 we launched a FREE content based structure.

The goals of are:

  • Educate potential buyers about the Airedale Terrier breed.
  • Promote Airedale Breed Rescue as an option for some people who want an Airedale Terrier.
  • Connect informed buyers with responsible breeders.
  • Provide resources for raising healthy, well-socialized Airedales who will be great breed ambassadors.

A collectively created content-based structure is one great way to accomplish all three goals. Joining our project is free and requires only your participation to start promoting your own breeding program via our free and highly visible site.

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You can use our site to promote your airedale-related business or service by submitting a blog post that fits with the guidelines below. Please note your blog post should be informational, while your user profile, which displays alongside your post and on the sidebar on several other pages of our site may contain extended promotional content for your breeding program or service.

  • Minimum 500 words
  • No duplicate content from elsewhere on internet.
  • Your post may be informational or narrative.
    • An informational article might be a general “how to” about raising Airedale puppies, training, housebreaking, health, immunizations, breeding, how to introduce an Airedale to a cat, Airedale specific tips, etc.
    • A narrative article is a story, such as “My first time showing an Airedale Terrier”, “How training my Airedale in a specific behavior was really hard and how I resolved it”, an “My Airedale Rescue Story”, etc
  • Because we are an Airedale specific site, please mention Airedales, even if the content is about dogs in general.
  • You may upload photos. If you upload photos you may add a promotional description including identifying information, the dog’s title, and if you will have litters available from the dog.
  • By uploading text or image content, you are agreeing to allow the right to publish the content, with attribution to you as creator.

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Great! Getting started is easy and you can be published and listed right away! It’s just 2 simple steps:

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Once your post is submitted, it just needs to be reviewed by the admin (generally within an hour or two) to ensure it’s not spam, and your post and listing will be live!