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Is an Airedale Terrier right for Me?

Unfortunately, many potential Airedale owners fall in love with the vintage look of the Airedale Terrier without understanding that Airedales demand a flexible, adaptive and humorous family. Consider these questions to help evaluate whether an Airedale can fit into your lifestyle.

  • Is your personality, or your family’s attitude, flexible, humorous, adaptive, and loving while still able to set boundaries?
  • What is the maximum amount of time your dog will be alone on an average day? (6 hours is about the Maximum the average Airedale can handle)
  • Are you physically active and look forward to daily walks or biking with your dog?
  • Are you willing to adapt to muddy paws and dripping beards? Airedales, like any large dog, make a MESS.
  • Do you have a training plan in place? Because of their size, intelligence, and downright mischievousness, Airedales DEMAND at least basic obedience training and thrive if taken through competitive or non-competitive dog-sport or advanced obedience training.

If you can honest say your lifestyle fits within the above guidelines an Airedale Terrier will probably be a fitting addition to your home. If your activity level or other environmental factor is off, contact Airedale Rescue. One of the benefits of rescue is that because they deal with adult dogs, they can evaluate individual temperaments and place a less active or senior dog in your home.

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Raain • May 21, 2016

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