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Welcome! This website exists to help potential Airedale Terrier owners:   learn about Airedale Terriers,   evaluate whether this breed is right for your lifestyle,   consider whether a rescue or a puppy is the best fit,   learn how to recognize the difference between a good breeder and a questionable breeder,   and locate…

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Photo by Bob M

How to Choose a Puppy

First, pick the litter. Then, pick from the litter. It cannot be stressed enough that picking an Airedale Terrier litter is more important than picking a puppy. You can tell very little about the dog a puppy will become by simply observing the puppy. On the other hand, parents, breeder, and early environment speak volumes…

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Airedale Rescue – Myths and Realities about Breed Rescues

What comes to mind when you think of rescued dogs? Mixed breed? old? Sickly? Aggressive? Poorly bred dogs who can never really be fully at home as a housepet? Modern dog rescue is anything but! Although most dogs come into rescue with issues of some sort, Airedale rescue will not place a dog in a…

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Photo by Corentin Bechade

Is an Airedale Terrier right for Me?

Unfortunately, many potential Airedale owners fall in love with the vintage look of the Airedale Terrier without understanding that Airedales demand a flexible, adaptive and humorous family. Consider these questions to help evaluate whether an Airedale can fit into your lifestyle. Is your personality, or your family’s attitude, flexible, humorous, adaptive, and loving while still…

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Oorang Airedales

A healthy Airedale will be approximately 22-24 inches at the shoulder. Beware of breeders boasting that they breed extra large or “Oorang” Airedales. To purposefully breed a dog outside of the breed standard is rarely ethical in our opinion, and demands an exceptionally well informed breeder with a specific purpose and exceptionally high breeding standards…

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How to Choose a Breeder

Buying a puppy is different from the experience of buying anything else. Picking the right breeder will mean support, behavioral counseling, and training advice throughout the life of your Airedale. When evaluating an Airedale breeder consider: Does the breeder actively show or work their Airedales? By competing in conformation or dog sport events a breeder…

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